In a dramatic new immigration strategy to ease the pressure on childcare while not burdening Australia’s existing crippling healthcare system, the Australian government has introduced a new migrants’ parents visa.

The new migrants’ parent visa will allow immigrant families to bring across grandparents for a maximum of 10 years with no pathway to citizenship or permanent residency. Applications for 3 years will cost $5,000 and 5 years for $10,000, with a single one-time-only renewal visa of 5 years for $10,000.

In an effort to reduce pressure on childcare facilities, migrants can bring across their retired parents to care for family members, especially children. However, part of the visa conditions is that visa sponsors would need to be responsible to pay for private health insurance for parents coming across.

The government’s aim is to bring families together while lifting the burden on child care in Australia, as well as delivering a boost in economic revenue collected through visa fees.

If successfully passed through Parliament, the new visa scheme could be introduced this year in November and it is anticipated that up to 15,000 migrants will apply.

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