The new student visa system introduced in July reduced the number of student visa subclasses and promised to streamline the process.

However, the new processing regime has cause massive delays and an increase in visa rejections.

What is happening?

It seems that the new simplified student visa framework has increased processing times from the previous 4-week waiting time to 8 weeks or more. This has caused students to miss course enrollment dates as visas are not approved on time.

Who is affected?

The biggest contingent of applicants being affected are those from China who make up a huge proportion of student visa applicants.

Universities are also struggling delays with some having to post pone course start dates.

What can you do?

The Department of Immigration and Border Control has acknowledged that the implementation of the new system has contributed to the backlog of visa approvals and delays. The department aims to finalize 75% of complete student visa applications within the month.

If you need to urgently state a course, you may apply for a Bridging Visa. A bridging visa is a temporary visa that will allow to you to leave and return to Australia while your student visa is being processed.

We understand that the visa application can frustrating. If you are having issues with your visa process, talk to us about your options.


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