The new Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF) has been introduced reducing the complexity of application and bringing applications online.

Key Changes to SSVF?

  • Number of student visa subclasses will be reduced from eight to two and
  • The introduction of a simplified single immigration risk framework for all international students

How will the SSVF work?

  • All international students will now apply online for a single visa (subclass 500)
  • Relatives of existing student visa holders (subclasses 570-576) will need to apply for the new subclass 500 visa if they don’t have a student visa and want to come to Australia
  • Student Guardians can apply for a visa under subclass 590

What Happens to existing Student Visa Holders?

  • Those already in Australia on a subclass 570 through to 576 Student visa will remain on these visas until they expire.

What will change in the Student Visa Application Process?

  1. Students no longer need to apply for a specified student visa applicable to level of study.
    You will only need to apply to subclass 500
  2. No more Assessment Level by Country
    Country of passport of applicant and the proposed type of course will no longer relevant be determining how strict the requirements and processing of your visa will be.
  1. Assessment levels replaced by Risk Rating of Educational Providers
    Educational providers will be rated by Department of Immigration. They will be given a Risk Rating from 1-3. The risk rating of the Education Provider will determine how strict requirements an processing of the student visa application will be.
  1. There will be 2 types of Student Visa Processing
    The student visa processing will either be Streamlined or Regular.
    If the student applies to study with a provider with a low risk rating, their application will be Streamlined.
    If the student applies to a provider with a higher risk rating, they will be in the Regular processing stream and the immigration risk of their home countries will be considered.SSVF


Take Note

  • Risk Rating of Education providers will not be published by the Department of Immigration. Ensure that you ask your education provider about their Risk Rating to determine and prepare for the Visa Application process accordingly.
  • The Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement RemainCase officers will have increased powers to ask for further documents that show students intend to return home after studying.

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