The Australian Citizenship test may soon become hard yakka for migrants looking to become Dinkim True Blue Aussies.

The current Australian Citizenship Test is a 20-question multiple choice computer based test that focuses on the applicant’s knowledge of Australian history, politics and parliamentary structure. The Australian Citizenship test has been described as “trivial” and lacking depth into identifying whether applicants have a genuine desire to be Australian, contributing to the country’s diversity, prosperity and success.

Renewed focus on the Australian Citizenship test has unfortunately stemmed amid security concerns. The government is under pressure to prevent potential terrorists from settling in Australia and later undertaking national and international terrorist activities. This follows two recent incidents; a ­Tunisian migrant to Australia became the key suspect in an attack on a Berlin market in December 2016, killing 12 people. And the foiling of a homegrown Christmas Day ­terror plot in Melbourne, with one of the alleged planners of that ­attack, 24-year-old Egypt-born Ahmed Mohamed – having arrived in Australia on a tourist visa in 2001 and gaining citizenship five years later [1].

Australia’s Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is supportive of a more stringent test and character assessment. He suggested the revised citizenship test must place a greater emphasis on an individual’s ability to successfully integrate into society ­instead of testing knowledge of Australian history and culture. Mr Dutton said security ­challenges of today placed new demands on the citizenship test and urged for it to be overhauled to better gauge an applicant’s willingness to learn English, provide a proper education for their children, ensure their spouses could speak English as well as identifying their likely reliance on government welfare.

“Australian values such as abiding by Australian laws, working hard if you are able bodied and of working age, and educating your children have been the underpinning of the success of our ­migration program for a long time,” he told The Australian.

For the small minority that may oppose any changes to the existing Australian Citizenship test, as Mr Dutton was quick to highlight, “changing our citizenship test would only threaten those (the test) seeks to identify: people who want to come here with a view to damaging or exploiting Australia’s way of life[2]”.

And what was Sir Don Bradman’s greatest cricket batting score anyway?


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